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Overview of CTC’s Russian owners

The Russian oligarchs owning CTC Global are exposed in an investigation from The American Reporter, based on numerous reliable sources from the Russian and international press.

The article details how after several bankruptcies, CTC was purchased in 2011 by KASKOL and RU-COM, two large Russian conglomerates owned and managed by oligarchs who operate mostly under the radars.

RU-COM is owned by Russian oligarch Mikhail Abyzov, who has strong ties to the defense sector and weapons manufacturers and was a Russian minister from 2012 to 2019, before he was imprisoned for “building a criminal organization using its official position” as well as “large-scale fraud”.
The criminal investigation concluded that Abyzov offered commercial bribes to steal 4 billion rubles from Russian public energy companies for his own profit.
Other associates of Mikhail Abyzov operating in the US were also convicted of embezzling money and using RU-COM investments into a US company to cash out.

As for KASKOL, it is managed by Viktor Grigoryev, described as “the Shadow Oligarch of the Russian Defense Sector” in the Russian specialized press. The article points out it is a very secretive organization with historical strong ties to the aerospace and defense sector, as it held shares in various companies manufacturing military helicopters, combat planes and naval ships.